10 Proven Places To Promote Your Blog

Blogging has become an incredibly important part of the marketing strategy. It can help you expand the awareness of your brand, boost traffic to your website, generate leads, and increase sales.

The main struggle of every novice blogger is driving traffic. Whether you started blogging for personal reasons or to promote your company, at some point, you realized that quality content is just not enough. Another issue that’s making you worried is not knowing how to promote your blog on social media. Somehow, your content doesn’t reach the relevant audience. Don’t give up. Here is a list of places to promote your blog that will make sure your posts are visible and that relevant readers find them.

1. Facebook

As the most popular social network, Facebook is the obvious first choice. However, with 2,3 billion users, not everyone will be interested in what you offer. Fortunately, there are many tactics to get the attention of the right people. Facebook Ads offers incredibly detailed targeting options that will show your product to people interested in your niche industry. Moreover, Facebook groups can be a great source of traffic. Find groups related to your niche industry and start developing your authority there. Finally, there are also Facebook Notes that you can use to post and promote your posts.

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Use it for: increasing brand awareness, increased exposure to potential customers

2. Twitter

Twitter is a great resource for building your audience. Using hashtags and search options, it is very easy to find potential customers and become a part of the communities. Many people use Twitter to stay up-to-date with trends, so tweets that are related to news stories usually become the most successful. That’s why it’s important to share news and discuss developments and changes in your industry. Additionally, Twitter is the best place to connect with your audience. You can have direct conversations with your potential readers and customers and slowly build a rapport with them.

Use it for: increasing your reach, establishing relationships with your customers

For a more detailed procedure, check out my Twitter Marketing Guide.

3. Instagram

While Instagram is not generally recognized as a major marketing channel, it can certainly help boost traffic. On Instagram, you give a visual reference for what you offer, which can attract your potential audience. Mobile users adore Instagram, especially millennials, so try to take advantage of this. Also, because of the hashtag system and location options, it is easy to find and follow people that might be interested in what you have to offer. Instagram stories are getting more and more popular as well, and you can use them to highlight the best bits of your blog posts.

Use it for:  attracting mobile users, targeting millennials

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places for blog promotion. The system is based on pinned images – every image is hyperlinked, so it is easy to drive traffic to your blog. This is perfect for visual brands. Another thing that works best on Pinterest are infographics. Besides being easy to find relevant audiences, the major advantage of using Pinterest is the fact that, unlike with Facebook and Twitter posts, the life of a pin is much longer – it can stay relevant for several months. Moreover, while you do need to post regularly and repin images, you don’t have to post comments and there is no pressure to stay involved too much.

Use it for: targetting female customers, increasing your reach

For more tips on using Pinterest for business, check out this guide. 

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a bit more narrow, but still big enough audience. There are great targeting options, so this is a good place to offer niche expertise. It also serves as an excellent platform to connect with influencers.  However, rather than just sharing the link to your latest blog post, you will be much more successful if you publish the whole article on LinkedIn Blog and include a link there instead. The article will be automatically shared for you, and while you won’t see a big rise in the visits to your blog, your reach will be rising. Also, this is an amazing tactic for SEO – you will benefit from the LinkedIn domain name, and it will be easier to rank higher on SERFs.

Use it for: business-focused blogs, targeting a professional audience

5. Zest

Zest is a marketing content stream that can be installed as a Chrome extension. If your blog is marketing-related, this is a great place to share and promote your content. Zest doesn’t accept spammy materials and only high-quality content is accepted for publication. Those who post on Zest are considered professionals and if you are among them, it will drive more traffic to your blog. If you manage to get your posts published there, it means you’re doing something right.

Use it for: marketing-focused blogs, building authority, brand awareness

6. Quora

Quora is the world’s greatest Q&A platform. It may not seem like a blog promotion space, but actually, it can be very useful. Answer the questions that are related to your niche and include links to your posts – this is a great way to boost traffic. However, be careful – all your links need to be relevant to the content, you will be banned for spamming. Another upside of Quora is that this is the perfect place to get to know your audience. There, you can discover their needs and issues and work on solving them. Quora is also very SEO-friendly.

Use it for: building authority, establishing relationships with your customers

7. Medium

Medium is a publishing platform similar to Pinterest. It has a great tagging and categorization system to help you find a relevant audience. It is especially handy in getting exposure to larger audiences. Never post the same article on both your blog and Medium. Instead, post snippets of full blog posts on Medium, and then direct users to the full article on your blog. Most Medium users are startup founders, people interested in the tech business, politics, and other people looking to improve their lives and habit, so if this is your audience, start building your Medium profile.

Use it for: increasing your reach

8. BlogLovin’

BlogLovin’ is literally a tool designed for keeping up with blogs. This means that the audience you attract there will be most certainly interested in what you have to offer. Also, once you have linked your blog with your BlogLovin account, all your blog posts will automatically appear on BlogLovin, so you don’t need to invest much time and effort. It is also very popular with iPhone users.

Use it for: increasing your reach and brand awareness

9. Slideshare

If you are looking to recycle your blog posts so that more people could see them, Slideshare is the place to go to. Use the highlights of your post to create a presentation, and then when you publish it, link it to the original blog post. It is also a good idea to lead your visitors from your Slideshare presentation to a landing page to get their email addresses.

Use it for: lead generation, b2c marketing

10. Snapchat

If you are targeting young adults, you shouldn’t miss Snapchat. There are many ways of promoting blog content there. Take snaps of yourself doing something you recommended in your posts. Offer contests, competitions, and promotions. Include some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of you creating the blog. All this will make you very likeable and interesting, and your followers will want to check your blog out.

Use it for: targeting 16 to 25-year-olds.

Places to promote your blog

Final Tips

  • Don’t try to cover all these places to promote your blog at once. Think which of these are the best places to promote your blog, based on your industry, and create a plan for them.
  • Be patient. Social media success can’t happen overnight. It takes time to understand these sites and establish yourself as an esteemed member of their communities.
  • Just because you are working on promoting your brand on social media, doesn’t mean that you should give up on other ways of promotion, such as Email marketing.
  • Be yourself. Add your own personality to your posts and accounts and the followers will appreciate you more.

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