7 PRO tips to improve your Facebook page

Are you looking to improve your Facebook business page, but not sure where to start? We’ve been there, and we’ve learned that by making a few (quick) changes, you can see major improvements in no time.
Here are our 7 PRO tips on how to attract more visitors, boost the reputation of your business and ultimately increase revenue.

Facebook continues to be the best social channel to start a business page. The advantages are clear: It has over 1 billion users, setting up your page is completely free, it offers some very useful tools for audience insight and analysis, it’s completely mobile friendly and follows trends, search engines love a good Facebook page. All this combined, reaching your targeted audience and building brand loyalty is easy, you just need to know where to start.

First things first. Let’s begin with some simple steps you should take to improve your Facebook business page.

1. Update Your Profile / Cover Photos And About Page Info

Your Great profile photo is the single most important photo you’ll ever have.

It’s the picture appearing everywhere as a thumbnail – on your posts, comments and all other activities related to your page. Remember, people’s reactions to visuals are strong. Your profile photo should be easily recognizable so people can identify and memorize you.

TIP: It’s a good idea to use your logo or trademark here.

An Excellent cover photo is the biggest photo on your entire page. Make sure it’s in high quality. Your cover photo should be simple. It needs to say something about your brand, send a message or carry your slogan. Don’t forget to add a cover photo description – this is one of those neat places to put relevant keywords, useful for SEO.  Remember to change your cover every now and then – choose photos with seasonal or holiday motives, highlight promotions and discounts, etc.

TIP: We know having HQ photos is sometimes challenging. There are some great free photo databases you can use and save yourself some trouble.

Often neglected, the About section is yet another perfect place to apply SEO. Include only the most relevant keywords within the short description. Make sure the description sounds natural. The long description can tell more about you, so use it to promote your fundamental values and tell your story. Make sure to also include all the general info, such as your contact details (phone, email), your address and the link to your website.

2. Set Up Your Business Category, Set Vanity Link, Add A Call-To-Action

Your Business Category is the first shortcut to reaching your targeted audience. By selecting the most relevant one for your business, you’re making sure your page is exactly what visitors are searching for.

TIP: Don’t fall into the temptation to select as many categories as possible. It’s not going to boost your chances since the Facebook algorithm will only decide on the most relevant one. Think wisely and choose a single category that describes you best. If you can’t decide, it’s a good start to use “local business”.

Choosing a Vanity Link is the next shortcut to reaching your fans.

What does this even mean? In short, when you first create your Facebook page, its link will look something like this:


Not very user-friendly, agree?

After your page reaches 25 likes, you will be given the option of choosing a vanity URL. It means you can let Facebook know you want to use, for example, this link:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/ My-Awesome-Business

Claiming your Vanity URL is simple and goes a long way since Facebook pages are indexed by search engines faster than most websites.

TIP: The vanity URL can be changed ONLY ONCE, so make sure your chosen name is relevant, descriptive and easy to memorize.

The Call-To-Action button is visible under your cover photo. It offers a couple of options: contact, shop, book a service, order. Make sure to enable this button as it’s inviting your visitors to interact.

3. Optimize Your Posts

Creating a schedule is the first thing you need to do to improve your Facebook page. Facebook users like consistency, so make sure you never let them down. An excellent way to decide when is a good time to post something new is to look at the Facebook Insights page. It will tell you when most of your followers are online.

TIP: Posting during the busiest hours will ensure maximum visibility.

Increasing frequency is a good idea, no matter how often you post. If you only post something once per month, raise it to once every week. If you post weekly, switch to daily, and if you post once per day, start posting 2-3 times each day. Don’t worry about spamming your followers – all Facebook posts have a very short lifespan, only a few hours. Most of your followers will either see it right away or never see your post at all.

4. Stick To Your Field

Make sure your posts stay relevant. Business owners tend to share viral videos, which are often entirely unrelated to their business. Even though it can attract a few likes, it’s never good as it makes you look silly and desperate.

Also, tend to keep your posts within your niche. After all, people are following your page because they want to learn more about your business, services or yourself. Unless your business is comedy, try to resist the urge to share every single goofy image or video you see. It can damage your reputation, which is extremely hard to restore.

5. Provide Value For Your Readers And Visitors

Make sure your posts hold value and offer benefit to your visitors. For example, try solving one of their issues related to your business with a free how-to guide. Post a tutorial video with top 10 products from a certain category. Try to provide quality information, it shows people why you’re the expert to follow. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to give real solutions that will completely fix the problem your visitors might have. You know your customers best!

TIP: You might think that posting free solutions will be counterproductive, but don’t worry, you will not lose customers. The exact opposite will happen – people will see that you know the business. They will be more likely to use your services.

6. Embrace The Video

Modern Internet users want videos. They lack patience and can’t be bothered with reading overly long entries. Visitors want instant info which can be easily reproduced, skipped or repeated. Embrace this trend, start adding videos wherever suitable.

One of the best places to start is your cover – a great cover video can skyrocket your Facebook business page, telling your potential customers all they need to know about your brand, the story about it and values you share.

Use videos within your posts as well. Remember to use as your companion for making the most out of YouTube videos.

TIP: Don’t stop there; once you get more comfortable with using videos, start exploring the Facebook live videos. It gives your visitors a peek into your world, allowing them to bond with your vision and brand.

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7. Respond And Network

Never forget the human side and the power of response.

Don’t just post something and then completely forget about it. Take time to read comments, like them, respond. Responding to your customers’ questions on social media is a popular and transparent way of customer support. It shows you care and have nothing to hide. People love to see that businesses listen to their voice. It makes them feel respected and appreciated, which in return brings them closer to the brand.

You should also network your brand with other businesses. Don’t be hesitant to recommend quality products to your customers or to praise other Facebook businesses and link to their pages. You will build good business relationships, but also branch out to new potential customers. People will see you don’t put your ego above the customers.

Wrap up

There you have it, our top 7 tips that will boost the visibility of your Facebook business page. Make sure to implement them all, if not already. Most of them can be applied quickly, they cost nothing, but sometimes little goes a long way. If you show your visitors that you care, try to tell them your story, wrap it up in a nice looking and regularly updated page, all that while having fun, you’re on your way to success!

We’d love to hear from you, so please share your experience and impressions within the “Comments” section below.